Q: What are your ticket prices?

A: $8.00 Adults (11 and older)

$3.00 Kids (6-10)

5 and under are Free


Q: Are you open nightly or weekends only?

A: We are weekends only except for certain movies when we do midnight showings. Always check for updates by visiting our website or call 859-987-2935 by Tuesday prior to the weekend.


Q: Do you stay open if it rains?

A: Yes! We run movies, unless circumstances should become too severe or a power outage occurs.


Q: Can I arrive for the 2nd feature only?

A: Yes. Although ticket prices remain the same as for both movies.


Q: Can I bring my own food, snacks and drinks?

A: We do not allow outside food or drinks because our snack bar sales are the only source of income that keeps us open. A large percentage of box office sales go to the movie distributors. We appreciate your understanding of the rule. We offer a full service of food items at a reasonable prices. We appreciate your continued support.


Q: Can I cookout or grill outside?

A: Sorry, no outside food is allowed and this includes grilling. No open flame fires, grills, glass bottles or fireworks are allowed for obvious safety reasons.


Q: What if my car battery dies, can I get help?

A: Yes. If the battery runs too low to start your vehicle we have portable equipment for your assistance. Check with us at the snack bar and we will be glad to help.